Best 3d android games part 1

Best 3d android games part 1

Best 3d android games part 1

The first 3d android game is really inevitable to mention.

Pokémon Go isn’t as popular as it was when first came out, but it’s the biggest android release that we’ve ever seen. The producers of the game has managed to keep it pretty much rolling well enough along by keeping it fresh with updates.

This might be the most people’s first experience with augmented reality, or AR. Doesn’t matter if you are a kid right now if you were a kid and Pokémon came out, you probably love the AR element in this game if you like Pokémon at all. This game introduced augmented reality in a way that really was ahead of its time. Anyone that is competitive will like this game, finding the best Pokémon and competing in gyms. Gyms of course being anything like landmarks, shopping centers, libraries, places like that.

pokemon android 3d

If you haven’t played it, you catch Pokémon in balls by throwing them through the app. It’s a good way to get people walking around instead of just laying on the couch and bed. Although you can also catch Pokémon in the bathroom, as long as you are paying attention. I always play Pokemon Go while i Go.

And if you’ve already caught all the Pokémon in the game their new update coming out with new Pokémon. There are new legendary Pokémon included in the update.

Another  3d android game that will appeal to both kids and young adults is mine craft.

Minecraft really became popular on PCs and laptops. But for a few dollars on your mobile device you can have minecraft on as well. It’s a great way to waste time.

3d minecraft android

If you don’t know minecraft, basically you get to construct anything in the game. You mine for the resources that you need but once you do you can create all kinds of different structures. It’s a good time, and can it be really addictive.

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