Best 3d android games part 4

Best 3d android games part 4

Best 3d android games part 4

One game that’s a few years old at this point is Jetpack Joyride.

It’s a free game for android devices. You ride a jet pack around collecting coins, dodge missiles and lasers. You can hop on vehicles to gain some ground. You can also ride on the back of a dragon, or even on the back of a bird if you want to. Whatever you want, fam. You can defy gravity and teleport around, for you can ride a motorcycle or hop in a robotic suit.

All the challenges and all the achievements that you can unlock in this game make it pretty fun.

You’ll be dodging missiles for hours, it’s a great game and it’s free.

Scrabble Anyone?

If you like scrabble, you probably already played words of friends. If you haven’t played words with friends, and you need to. Especially if you have anybody in your social group to play with. You can also play against the computer if you want. If you’re real wordsmith you’ll get a lot out of the game.

If you’re patient, this type of game is for you but even if you aren’t I recommend giving it a shot.

If you get that triple word score it makes it really worth it once you finally land those points. Everybody knows this game, so I’ll not go in any more detail just give it a shot and see if you like it.

EA-Updates-Plants-vs-Zombies-2-turret defense

If you like tower defense and you probably heard of Plants Versus Zombies.

Plants Versus Zombies 2 is also a free game that you can play. It’s just as good as the first game.

There are multiple worlds and multiple levels in each one. There’s a boss level at the end of each. There are different themes and there’s new zombies and plants in your arsenal that you can use, compared to the first one.

Basically, for anyone who hasn’t played, you build an army of plants to defend the garden against the zombies.

Each one has a different attack, and each zombie will be affected differently by each one. It’s a basic strategy tower defense game, and can be really fun and it has some killer graphics.

Anybody who’s ever been on the PlayStation 2 is probably familiar with grand theft auto San Andreas.

It’s also available for mobile for about five dollars. Believe it or not, you can actually play this game on the touchscreen. You are not just going to be stealing cars, you can do everything you did in the original game like fly airplanes, recruit people for your gaining, and shoot at people.

It really is the same old game that you loved on PlayStation 2.

You’re still playing as Carl Johnson, whose life is hit rock-bottom and has been framed for murder. There’s literally over 70 hours of gameplay in this game, so it’s definitely worth the seven bucks to play.

Part 5 of android games.


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