Puzzle Fighter Review

Puzzle Fighter Review

Puzzle Fighter Review

**2018 Update: Capcom shuts down puzzle fighter!**

Puzzle games and fighting games have been around forever and the classic puzzle game is a staple for any gamer whether young or old.

A lot of people would argue that the classic puzzle game is good on its own and there really shouldn’t be any improvements or twists on it.

And they are factually correct.

Capcom has a game called Puzzle Fighter. The spinoff of Street Fighter, obviously. This should be perfect for mobile devices. Right? The way it’s set up, it should be a home run. Yet this game lacks any kind of originality or charm and it is not that much fun to play at all. You basically feel like you grinding the entire time, and the controls are just absolutely baffling. You won’t really be fighting other human beings, you be fighting whoever the hell programmed this game- the entire time.

I actually felt myself age while playing the tutorial. It was so long I actually started collecting Social Security which is confusing because it wasn’t that long ago that I graduated from college. I’m not sure exactly how this happened, I’m pretty sure that during the tutorial this game led to some kind of temporal space anomaly that sucked time up into small point that then exploded Time all over your face.

I am not sure what that means, but I do know that the tutorial is just too long. This game doesn’t let you do a damn thing without handholding you through every detail of every little process and it sucked.

This puzzle game/fighter itself is actually pretty simple.

You join blocks together that are falling to group them together. You build up chunks and attach a circular block to each group to deal damage to your opponent.

Each block has a certain color assigned to it. Each character has an affinity for a certain color that will give them more attack power. That sounds like an interesting twist, but it actually ends up having basically no impact on gameplay. It’s just a scramble to see who can make as many matches as they possibly can as quickly as they can and it doesn’t matter how big or small they are or what colors they are. Any other added game mechanic just doesn’t come into play at all. Not even sure why there are really in there. The controls are supposed to be an easy kind of drag-and-drop type of thing. You can tap on the following blocks to rotate them and make sure that they fit in the right places.

The problem is if you make even the slightest wrong vibration in any of your swipes everything will just end up out of place. By that time the speed of the falling boxes will be too fast and everything is just fucked. If you actually make it through the tutorial, you quickly find that this is the biggest problem with the game.

The computer, that is to say NON-online play, is ridiculously easy. Not only that, but once you have beaten the computer several times the game actually institutes a timer. This keeps you from playing anymore until the timer wears out. It’s like it’s forcing you to play online. When you play online, it takes forever to progress through the ranks and it really is a lot of fun at all. You have to put in so much effort just to get more than the one level and the fighters that you’re stuck with.


I like the idea of collecting your characters. Matching puzzle pieces together definitely works on mobile devices so I approve that game mechanic. That’s all there is to this mobile game so it kind of sucks. All you are doing this is grinding and you can’t play the computer when you want to. You end up getting locked out of the one aspect of the game that actually might be kind of fun. You can judge for yourself, but I’d bet that you will actually uninstall this game before putting up enough time into it to actually start to have any fun playing online or waiting for the timer to run out see can play against the computer again.

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