Survival Arena Android Game Review Part 2

Survival Arena Android Game Review Part 2

Survival Arena Android Game Review Part 2

Overall the extremely short level design in terms of tower defense works pretty well for this game.

Battles can be pretty frantic and it’s pretty easy for your base to be destroyed if you don’t move quickly.

The real problem with this game is the fact that it is a freemium game. You really can’t do some stuff without paying some money. Survival Arena itself does a really good job of halting your way through the game in almost every way that it can. Just things like opening chests, the high amount of cards you need just to upgrade your armor, or special events will quickly find your gameplay abruptly halted if you don’t fork over some money for the sky shards. Sky shards cost real-life hard currency.

So you could definitely download this game for free, and you can do things like watching ads in order to open chests quicker. But eventually I think you’re going to have to open up your wallet. As long as you’re okay with doing that I guess this game is for you.

The interface of this td game has a lot of stuff going on like I said earlier.

Survival arena itself can be quite a cluster. You have to get used to it in order to really enjoy it. This might also be a turnoff for some.

Survival arena itself uses a 3-D kind of cartoony art style which is very colorful, kind of like Clash of Clans. Even sort of like what Iron Hyde did with Kingdom Rush. It’s good for maintaining speed on the device and it works well for this type game.

The sound aspect for this tower defense game is also pretty decent.

The developer is basically done a pretty good job in terms of adding different sound effects. This gives a better feel for the game than some other ones. There is pretty decent background music and it fits the overall theme of battles in war and stuff like that it might be a little clich├ęd but it works for the game.

If you like the type of progression in Clash of Clans and he don’t mind forking over some money for those shards, Survival Arena is a tower defense game you might enjoy. Especially if you have time to play it in short bursts. Be aware of the micro-transactions as they are a big part of the game. Even some of the major things that happen in this game rely on sky shards. Honestly, I would just download this game and buy a bunch of sky shards to begin just so you don’t have to waste time buying them later. If you like frantic gameplay and multiplayer with your tower defense is something you would want to try and this might actually work out pretty well for you just make sure you have your wallet handy.


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